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Stucco preparation & application:

Once again we have exposed the rotted wood, viewed from the attic so we can provide a cost of repair. Note the straight saw cut on the left side of this picture, to your right. Now look at the picture below, right side, see the stucco has been hammered off the initial saw cut, to create an irregular line, equally important exposing 4" of the existing felt and wire lath. This is allowing us to duplicate the installation specification that would be used in new construction. This procedure is necessary to ensure if the stucco cracks, it has the felt and the wire lapped, minimum of 2", we strive for up to 4", so that the crack will not open in a straight line, whether tie in is vertical or horizontal 



Here sit two individual chimneys both prepared for felt, wire and stucco application. Each point of stucco removal termination is prepared for the new materials. These pictures are provided to the homeowner. It is our strict policy, when ever removing and replacing wood we, document with pictures and provide for the home owner.

This picture is from the chimney above right. As licensed General Contractors we have the knowledge and licensing to remove and replace structurally compromised wood, as completed and documented in this picture.

At every turn in our industry it is recommended the homeowner, secure and verify the contractors license number. This is simply done by calling your County Building Department, and provide them the information your contractor must provide on the business card and proposal form, this is the law. With this information they can tell you the license status, active or inactive and who the license qualifier is. It is not unusual for a licensed contractor to qualify another's business without any ownership in that business.
























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