Friday, July 19th, 2024

Administrative Record Keeping

This building was designed by local Architect Tony Donadio and constructed in picuture in 1992. This building incorporates our offices and warehouse space.  In 1999 a 2,500 square foot building (not pictured) was built to incorporate vehicle parking and material storage.  In total, our square footage is now 5,000 square feet.

office sign
At this location we keep our customer records for a minimum of 7 years. We have many customer files that exceed 10 years, with particular attention to those properties which have changed ownership. Our job records include all phone messages, with relative documentation for instituting, generating, and completing roof repair contract proposals, customer and vendor correspondence.

Our field employees are strictly monitored to include a daily log of their time and activities, morning and evening. The log includes pictures and written documentation of the work done, material used, times they leave the office, job, and any stop they make going to each job, or returning to the office.

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